Offering a wide range of radiator services in Midland

From repairs to replacements we've got you covered

At Leo's Radiators we believe that our work is never done and will strive to deliver the best to our customers every time, whether they need repairs, maintenance or replacements. Offering the most complete radiator services in Midland we pride ourselves on having an up-to-date inventory of the latest parts from the finest manufacturers. Drop in today and we'll sort you out.

Durable products

There's no need to break the bank for radiator services and parts when you can just come to our fully equipped workshop in Midland and get everything you need at the most competitive prices in the area. We cater to passenger vehicles, 4WDs, commercial vehicles, trucks, agricultural equipment, generators and motorbikes.

  • Radiators and radiator tanks
  • Pressure caps
  • Thermostats
  • Overflow tanks
  • Water pumps
  • Thermo fans

Trusted brands

At Leo's Radiators we trust only the best brands on the market, ensuring that you will receive services and parts that will last. We have Auto H2O coolant as used in many race vehicles and Tectaloy Gold, a high quality coolant. 

Only Di-Ionised water is used at our workshop, no tap water here for your vehicle.

All of our products are top quality components as opposed to some of the cheaper radiators that are available on the market. The radiator brands we use are KOYO, APM, JAYRAD and ADRAD.

Cooling systems

As a team of car lovers we are dedicated to providing the services that your car needs and deserves. We offer a free cooling system pressure test without an appointment, just drive in and ask for Rick. We also offer a cooling system power flush, a process where the radiator remains in the vehicle and the entire cooling system is power flushed. This is recommended as a maintenance service only.

Radiator repairs and clean-outs

At Leo's Radiators we don't simply provide radiator services, we offer complete care. If your radiator needs to be replaced we can remove it from vehicle and can replace the thermostat and pressure cap if necessary. Rick also offers radiator clean-outs, which uses steel rods to clear out mud and engine grime. Customers can bring in just the radiator, saving time and money, or we can remove it from the vehicle for you. Broken or split tanks (both plastic and brass) can be replaced on the customer's existing radiator. If any radiator tubes have sprung a leak we can soldered them shut too.

Radiator recores and modifications

Offering the most comprehensive radiator work in the area, we can perform radiator recores, using the top and bottom tanks and the side bands from the original radiator to fit a new core. Sometimes customers require radiator modifications to enhance performance. This process can include moving or adding mounting brackets, side bands or connecting pipes. Modifications can also often be needed when a vehicle is fitted with a motor that doesn't fit the specs of the original car manufacturer. In this case we can design a radiator to fit, with enough cooling capacity for the new engine.


Other services

Going the extra mile on each job, big or small, the knowledgeable team at Leo's Repairs can replace water pumps and thermo fans. Customers can also bring in their car parts for sandblasting. Sandblasting will clear old paint, rust, and all foreign bodies on the surface of metal objects to bring the part back to an original state.